assholes assemble!*
*a meatball sub for me, please.

Valentine’s Week: 7/7

don’t leave me, buddy. 
aka bot feels.

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Valentine’s Week: 6/7


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Valentine’s Week: 5/7


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Valentine’s Week: 4/7

trying to get me back into the world?

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Valentine’s Week: 3/7

so you’re leaving?
i can tell because i can see you’re leaving
but if you’re trying to break my heart 
your plan is flawed from the start 
you can’t break this heart, it’s liquid
it melted when i met you

"I’m Not Crying", Flight of the Conchords [x]
aka the Winter Soldier Anthem

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Valentine’s Week: 2/7

three distinct ways steve looks at the people he loves

Valentine’s Week: 1/7 

to steve rogers:

roses are blue
violets are red.
i’m not good at this steve
i’m glad youre not dead. 

- tony stark

   superhusbands      stevetony      stony      captain america      iron man      mcu      michelle makes stuff      michelles gif peanutbutter      EVEN THOUGH THIS WEEK IS THE WEEK I HAVE TO DO      MANY THINGS      also mUCH MULTI SHIP      PROMISE      valentines week      this time michelle will let you make up a tragic backstory      but the gist is      tony and steve have been dancing around each other for a while      steve doesnt know what hes doing but he knows that oh god he really?? likes tony      and it's not even valentines day there it's like the middle of fucking november      and november always reminds him of before the super serum because he would always get sick in november      never not sick november he would joke      so it's been a bad couple of weeks because he misses bucky and he misses his mother and misses peggy and misses the howling commandos      and tony doesnt know what the fuck to do?? i'm a genius playboy philanthropist kirk i'm not an emotionally available human being!      and new york is attacked by some flavor of the week villain      but cap is out of his game and he almost DIES and there have been too many close calls and tony      well tony just wants to fix steve like debugging U or butterfingers      but tony cant do that with humans so he writes this dumb thing instead      tony how do you even fUNCTION      m:mcu   

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